Right To Buy Mortgage – Is Now The Time To Buy My Council House

As property prices continue to fall many council tenants may consider that the time is right to purchase their home under the right to buy scheme.

If you are a council tenant and have lived in your home for a minimum of two years you could be eligible for a right to buy property. These are discounted purchases in which the discount increases for each year that the tenant has been a council tenant in that property. If a borrower is eligible they can usually, depending on their local authority buy their house straight away with the discount applied.

You must first contact your local authority that you rent your home from and they will send an application form for you to complete. Once this has been processed they will send out their own surveyor who will set a right to buy selling price, this figure is often lower than the open market value. Once you have been accepted you will receive your right to buy purchase papers detailing the right to buy valuation and your discount entitlement. Now you must find a mortgage.

If you would like to apply for a right to buy mortgage you need to know that not all mortgage lenders offer such a mortgage. However the lenders that will give a right to buy mortgage can often give them on the same terms as their normal mortgages.

The mortgage must always be in the names of the people on the right to buy purchase papers which will be the same as the people on the tenancy agreement. This is important to remember as if you wish do have a mortgage in joint names but the tenancy is only in one name you must apply to add this person to the tenancy prior to applying for the right to buy.

Two kinds of right to buy mortgage
There are two kinds of right to buy mortgage which are
Right to buy maximum mortgage – this is a type of right to buy mortgage that uses the right to buy (RTB) price rather than the Open Market Valuation (OMV) price and can lend up to 100% of the RTB price. This means that for a 100% right to buy mortgage a house that has an OMV of 100,000 but a right to buy price of 75,000 the lender would actually lend 75% loan to value.

Right to buy mortgage on OMV – this is type of right to buy mortgage where the lender will give the borrower up to 85% of the OMV of the property, which is more than the right to buy price.

Right to buy mortgage advice
If you are interested in getting a right to buy mortgage on your council house you can visit one of the many online mortgage comparison websites for more information. However if you would prefer to speak to a mortgage advisor make sure they are free of charge then contact them. Many brokers will try to charge a fee for right to by mortgages but there are still many that offer free advice, so for mortgage advice that is independent and no-obligation do shop around.