Painting Your Wicker Furniture

After a couple of years, you are bound to require a repainting or retouch for your wicker furniture. Before you start working on your expensive and antique pieces, make sure you practice on a piece of cheap garden furniture first. Here are simple guidelines to getting the perfect finish to your repainting project: 1.Prepping Your […]

Kitchen Tables And Chairs For Small Spaces

A new trend in interior design involves giving emphasis to kitchen furniture. A curious observation has revealed that many families are coming to the realization that the kitchen is almost as important as the living room. This is because many families spend a great deal of time, especially in the morning during breakfast, in the […]

Shop Smart In Bangkok

LET’S get straight to the point. If you are into Wats (temples), Palaces, Chao Praya river cruises and other tourist’s traps, then this guide is not for you. This travel guide is for the ladies who lunch, the charge-happy wives, the power bitches, the style icons, the teens and preteens, the yummy mummies and the […]

Ways To Repurpose Old Traffic And Parking Signs

Go green. Its a phrase thats thrown around often these days, but you might be wondering what old traffic and parking signs have to do with this. How can you recycle these old and rusted signs? Here are ten creative ways you can reuse your old signs. 1.Decoration for your space. Old parking and traffic […]

Colonial Blacksmith Information

Although the US became independent of Britain in 1776, the countrys dependence on Britain and Europe for the goods needed to build the new country remained. For many years all the mechanical equipment the country needed was imported. With the beginning of the industrial revolution in Britain, the sophistication of the machinery began to increase […]